Goodbye Girls

I was just seventeen when Girls first aired in 2012, and not even close to truly understanding half of the experiences the group of “self-obsessed”-twenty-somethings were exploring in each episode.

I’m now nearly twenty-three and those six years were defining ones for me, both in my life and in learning about myself, and during that time the show helped shape and inspire the woman I am today. Continue reading “Goodbye Girls”


Post/Life Update

Hello, readers!

This is just a short note, firstly, to seriously apologise for the lack of activity, posts and comment replies for the past month.

University has been getting stressful with assignments and deadlines and preparations for the final film I’m working on as producer, and it’s been difficult to find the time and motivation to continue writing with all of that going on.

But, secondly, I want to let anyone still following the blog and reading my posts know that I will be making extra effort to post once a week from now on. Keeping this blog up and running and active is something I am determined to do. So, this week, I’ll be replying to any unanswered comments, posting the last of my Sherlock series four episode reviews (after much delay, I’m sorry!), and a review of Patriot’s Day or Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire by the end of the week.

Don’t forget me, and thank you for reading!