Review: Sherlock – The Final Problem

So here it is, finally, my review of episode three. Hope you enjoy.

Series four of Sherlock concludes with dark secrets from the past, a threat from beyond the grave and a Saw-meets-Crystal Maze-style series of challenges for the Baker Street boys to wrap their heads around.

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Review: Prevenge + Q&A

Alice Lowe writes, directs and stars in her new project, Prevenge, a deliciously dark and gore-filled comedy-horror.

The film follows soon-to-be Mother, Ruth, who during her pregnancy, is plagued by violent thoughts which seem to spawn from her unborn daughter, and which lead her to commit a series of violent acts on mostly random people.

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My trip to La La Land

You know sometimes you enter random competitions on Twitter and Facebook, and the like?

And you know how you never seem to win any of them?

Do you then start wondering why you ever even bother? Because you never even win anyway. Ever!

Well, last week I was thanking O2 Priority because I actually won something! Two tickets to a preview of Damien Chazelle’s new film, La La Land, to be exact! And yes, before you ask, I have pretty much had the soundtrack on repeat since seeing it, and I’m sure you will too. Continue reading “My trip to La La Land”

Comedy: The Gift

I finally handed in my essay on stand-up for the comedy module of my course last Friday, so I thought it was good timing to post this piece I started writing about comedy, back in August, after seeing Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman live at London’s Apollo. Hope you enjoy!

Until this past August, seeing live comedy, in any form, was something I was interested in but had never had the courage to do. Not least because, well, going solo to most types of shows has basically become my style. Sure, having company is fun, but when that’s not available I’ve learned that going to see my favourite live music or a new theatre production on my own is infinitely better than missing out. But also, planning for other people stresses me out, and I already have enough to worry about. But anyway, back to the matter at hand: comedy. Continue reading “Comedy: The Gift”